A short literature list on circuit bending:

Nicolas Collins: Handmade Electronic Music
A well-written and informative book on electronic experiments and techniques. It is not a book on circuit bending as such, but provides valuable knowledge on electronicd for laymen. CD with sound examples included.

Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, NY

ISBN 0-415-97592-1



Reed Ghazala: Circut bending

The authoritative guide to circuit bending by the man who invented the genre. The book is a unique manifesto to Ghazala's ideas and (anti-) theories. However it is not particually well-written, and provides only little solid knowledge besides explaining the background behind circuit bending. Half of the book is used for explaining several pratical bends that are, however, only useful if you happen to posess exactly that type of eletronic toy.


ISBN 0-7645-8887-7