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Creative soldering

Circuit bending is the mariage between electronics and art. The bender attributes to the instrument in an artistic manner by changing the circuity of the original toy or instrument.


It is an open discussion whether the bender needs to understand what he or she is actually doing, or if knowing the electronic workings of the toy is actually a hindrance to the free and anarchistic creative process.


The creator of this site believes that knowledge is power, and that you, by knowing at least some working techniques, are able to channel the creative process into a form where the output is somewhat predicable. This is considered an advantage.


Likewise, you do not need to know painting techniques to be a highly creative painter - but knowing what you actually do, makes for more interesting pictures, where the idea and motive takes precedence over the working process in itself.


As an added bonus, following some basic electronics rules will greatly improve the chances of keeping the modified toys alive and working for a longer period of time.



Introduction Electronic art Aestetics Where? Playing